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International Fellows @ FCMH

Use International Fellows @ FCMH to expand and intensify your international network!


Would you like to expand your network internationally or intensify your international cooperation? Have you met a researcher at a conference with whom you can envision a joint research project and wish to invite this person to Central Hessen? Are you looking to recruit international researchers for an open position and want to get to know them better during their visit?

The Research Campus of Central Hessen (FCMH) supports you with the "International Fellows @ FCMH" programme. it offers international fellows the opportunity to get to know researchers from the entire FCMH network and to experience the diversity of the science region of Central Hessen.


Who can apply for funding for a fellowship?

Researchers (starting from the postdoc level) from the three FCMH universities can apply to invite an international fellow.


Who can become an international fellow at FCMH?

Postdocs as well as established researchers who at the time of application have their residence and workplace abroad and are employed at a university or research institution abroad can become International Fellows at FCMH - in exceptional cases, advanced doctoral candidates may be eligible as well.


What are the funding requirements?

The fellows should be given the opportunity to expand their networks at all three FCMH universities and possibly at on of our regional partner institutions, namely, the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe in Marburg, the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg, the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad Nauheim, and the Research Division Bioresources of the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME in Giessen. Therefore, a structured visit plan is required, showing how networking at the FCMH universities will take place. Hosts must be named at each institution to accompany and support networking within their institutions. During the visit, fellows should be offered networking options at a minimum of two - and ideally at all three - FCMH universities.


Is there an application deadline?

No, there is no deadline. Applications are possible at any time and are continuously reviewed.


How are the applications evaluated?

The applications are first reviewed by the FCMH Management Office and then presented to the FCMH Research Council for the evaluation of further networking possibilities. The final decision is made by the FCMH Board of Directors.


What is the funding period?

Visits are usually funded for a period of one week to three months.


What costs are covered by the fellowship?

The fellowship includes:

  • a flat-rate travel allowance (the amount depends on the country of origin; DAAD rates are used),
  • accommodation costs: Fellows are preferably accommodated in the guesthouses of the universities. If these are not available, a flat-rate allowance is paid (amounting to 500 euros per month / 125 euros per week),
  • a flat-rate allowance for regional mobility during the stay (50 euros per month / 15 euros per week),
  • a flat-rate compensation for meals (1,000 euros per month / 250 euros per week), and
  • a flat-rate family allowance (if family accompaniment is necessary, 500 euros per month / 125 euros per week).


What support does the FCMH Management Office offer before and during the fellows' visits?

We assist in all organisational aspects of the stay, such as accommodation, finding additional hosts at the FCMH universities for networking, and administrative queries. Above all, we aim to enrich the fellows' experience during their stay through a tailored accompanying programme based on individual needs and interests, such as advisory services, the opportunity to participate in scientific events in the region, or facilitating connections.


Our vision is to offer a comprehensively positive experience to the International Fellows during their stay at FCMH. The goal is for the fellows to act as ambassadors for Central Hessen as a science region in their home countries or to consider a professional future here.


Find the application form for download here!


Submit your application to the FCMH office ()